The determination of which locale-specific content to use from HA-XML in at the listing level.  On a listing-by-listing basis, the integration will determine which language content to source from the feed by looking at the listing description.  Whatever languages the listing description is provided in will be languages used to source all content from the HA-XML listing integration for that single listing.

As locale-specific content becomes available in your platform, please make that content immediately available via the HA-XML Listing Integration so HomeAway can leverage that content immediately.

HomeAway expects all language content provided in HA-XML to be human-translated.  Please do not provide machine-translated content in your HA-XML Integration. Content should to be provided in the language associated with your master brand at minimum. No HTML can be provided in HA-XML.  This can lead to inconsistent formatting on our sites and is not supported. HomeAway will still auto-translate content not sourced from the HA-XML listing integration at our discretion.