Do I need to log in to save properties?
You don't need to log in to save a property. We recommend that you log in or create an account so that you have access to your saved properties on any device. When you are not logged in, you are able to see your saved properties and Trip Boards on the same device you saved them on, but not across any other device you have. 

How do I add or save a property to Trip Boards?
Select the heart on the property listing that you would like to save. A modal will display with a prompt to create a list or add the property to an existing list. Once the property has been saved, a confirmation message will display. 

Where can I find properties I saved?
You can access all your saved properties by selecting Trip Boards in the header.

How do I share properties?
Once a Trip Board is created, it can be shared with others by clicking on either the person icon or the three dots in the upper right corner. You can share through text message, email, direct link or social media. Sharing is view only and will not give others access to save, vote or comment on properties.

How do I use Trip Boards to plan a vacation with others?
You can invite family and friends to help decide on which property is the perfect match for your trip. You can invite others to join a trip via email, text, direct link, or social media. Once the person you invited accepts the invitation they can participate in the planning process by saving additional properties, voting on which ones they like and adding comments to each property. In order to participate in these features, the person you invite must have or create their own Traveler Account. 

When others have voted or added comments you will see a blue dot in the Trip Board to indicate new activity. 

How do I vote or comment on properties in a Trip Board?
You can vote and comment on your own personal Trip Boards or those that you’ve been invited to view.  

To vote on a property, click the Thumbs up icon associated with the property. To add comments, click on the Conversation icon associated with the property. Enter your comment in the Add a comment box and hit enter. You can view all comments added in line in this view as well.

How do I delete a saved property?
Click on the heart icon within the property listing to remove it from a Trip Board.

How do I delete a Trip Board?
Click on the trash can associated with the Trip Board to delete a list.