HomeAway takes its compliance with applicable data protection laws seriously and is proactively preparing towards compliance with the GDPR. HomeAway is currently rolling out a GDPR compliance programme which has involved the completion of a series of workshops, reviews and assessments with the assistance of external advisors to understand in detail what must change for compliance with the GDPR requirements.

HomeAway is reviewing its data mapping and data handling documentation processes and is embedding Privacy and Security Impact Assessments into our various business processes to ensure that privacy and security are consulted throughout the lifecycle of data-related initiatives. We are formalising our processes around Data Subject Rights to ensure that we are able to respond comprehensively and within the time frame set out in the GDPR.

We are in the process of updating our traveller-facing privacy policies and our vendor contract templates to ensure they are in compliance with GDPR requirements. HomeAway is committed to implementing its GDPR readiness programme and understands the importance of a successful transition to GDPR for its partners.