HomeAway will not allow for platform and integrated listings on the same account any more. The goal is to have all listings being fed through software if you are activated through software. This will allow you to use your software to make use of all our tools and features without facing any restrictions due to different integration set-ups. Furthermore, in the long-term, HomeAway will not support manual rates or availability updates anymore. If you are integrated to HomeAway through your Software provider, rates and calendar updates will have to be synchronised with us.


Why are you doing this? What are my benefits?

Feeding all your inventory within your account through your software and transitioning manual listings into integrated listings will allow you to benefit from:
  • Accurate and up-to-date listing content in regards to rates, availability etc.
  • Consistent experience of our tools and features. You will be able to manage all listing and booking updates in one place without having to do the job twice in your PM dash.
  • Responsiveness: Your migrated platform listings will benefit from our new feature we will introduce shortly that will allow us to calculate and show real-time response time to travellers – this might increase the likelihood of being enquired or booked.
When will this transition need to be completed?

This transition will be required by end of January 2016. If you do not feed all listing content and transition your manual listings by then we allow restricting exposure of the manual inventory.

What is the process to activate my manual listings?

The goal is to help Property Managers establish properties they have been manually maintaining in HomeAway back in their Property Management software.  One of the best ways we can help facilitate that is by providing you with an export of your manually maintained property so you can utilise the content you have previously created to recreate the property in your software.  We currently allow listings to be exported, please feel free to contact the HomeAway support team in case of questions and to discuss next steps.

Who would I have to contact regarding next steps?

In order to guarantee a smooth transition our HomeAway integration support team will help you to run through that process in the coming months.