How is my listing translated and can I customise the content?

When you advertise with us your listing is visible on the global network of  HomeAway sites throughout Europe and around the world. The content on your listing on these sites is translated through Google Translator.

We understand that the quality of machine-translated text is not as perfect as a human translation would be. However, we are aiming to provide an efficient way to enhance the performance of our advertisers' listings in international search engines and increase enquiries by giving travellers more information about each property.

If you do not wish to display an automated translation on your listing, you can remove it and add your own translation.

Customising your listing translations
1.Log into your account.
2.If you have more than one listing, choose the one you want.
3.Click Edit Property & Rates.
4. Click the Description tab.
5.At the top right, select to edit your listing in one of the languages in the drop down menu.
6.Next to Auto Translation On, click Disable and confirm your choice* by clicking Opt Out.
7.Enter your translations into the language fields provided.
8.Click Save.

*Once you confirm, you cannot revert back to Google Translator. As you will not be able to revert to Google Translator, you will need to translate your listing information yourself. You will not be able to partially edit the auto-translated text.

Please allow a few hours for the changes to appear on your international listings.